A cute toddler tries to ride on a sheep

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Auckland: A cute mischievous New Zealand boy who was attempted to ride on his pet sheep has become a global Internet sensation.
However his mother Sally Steiner was lucky enough to take the footage of her son’s wonderful ride on his sheep Dotty as a horse.
The boy Ollie would have become bored by his regular game.
That might be the reason behind his fascinating ride on his pet sheep.
Meanwhile there was also a lovely moment while Ollie’s brother chased their other sheep Sinead, desperate for his own ride.
The family living in New Zealand have had the pet sheep since they were baby lambs.
Regarding the ride on the sheep his mother Sally said that she was surprised to see her sons had been riding their pets.
She had heard some screaming and laughing during the previous night and asked the boys what they were up to.
They said that they were riding the sheep.
She thought they might have tried to ride on the sheep and most probably would not have been succeeded.
Next day when they were outside doing things around the place, both the children started playing with the sheep.
When they were in the paddock, Oliver just jumped on Dotty and started riding on it.
The sheep wagged her

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tail as if she loved their activities.


Video on the cute boy who rides on his pet sheep


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