A man spray paints his face in an attempt to fool the police

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California: A young man is said to have spray painted his face in an attempt to escape from the police.
He was wanted by the California police on theft charges.
When the police arrived, the man jumped through a rear window in his house and applied a coating of black spray paint from an aerosol can.
At that time, the officers were found him within a block of his home.
They were puzzled by the man who disguised by spray painting.
Thus he could fool the police at the first instance.
The 23 year old Jose Espinoza who deliberately made his face black could elude the police at his home in Madera, California.
But, when they saw him later, they beautifully survived his fooling attempt.
This time, they didn’t make any mistake to capture him.
They arrested him on stolen property and car theft charges.
Madera Police spokesman Josiah Arnold said that the thief spray-painted his face black and attempted to hide himself against a white wall in the home yard.
A post on the Facebook page of the Madera Police Department referred the young man’s camouflage as ineffective.
According to the sources, there was something wrong with his plan.
The spray paint bottle which Espinoza allegedly used was taken as an evidence for the attempt he had made to disguise himself.


Video on the man who spray painted his face


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