African Festival of arts and culture (AFRIFEST) starts on July 24th

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Halifax: The annual Africa Festival of Arts and Culture (AFRIFEST) commences on July 24th at Halifax in the Sackville Landing, Lower Water Street. Authorities have made vast

arrangements to make the 2015 year festival as a spirited recurrence of the Africa Festival of Arts and Culture 2014. After exhibiting vast number of musical and cultural dance programs the festival is expected to bring a spectacular end on 26th July.
In AFRIFEST 2015 there will be visual as well as arts performances with respect to the culture of African people. The artists who come to participate in the festival are generally the natives of Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Gambia, Zambia, Togo, Congo, Uganda, Somalia, Eritrean, Ethiopia, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Caribbean and African Nova Scotian Community. The traditional artistic forms to be performed by them include visual arts, drumming, jazz, hip-hop, gospel, spoken-word, stand-up comedy, literature, food, and much more. .
The festival offers a helpful environment for African, Canadian artists who get a rare unique chance to come together, perform, share and exhibit their various talents. Furthermore, the festival is considered to be an enabling environment for teamwork, skills and exchange social interactions among the members of various African Diaspora organizations, African Nova Scotian organizations and other Canadian organizations. The AFRIFEST 2015 is expected to accommodate and attract visitors from across the world
The African cultural festival is meant to support the artistic expression of participants having pursuit of excellence and creation. The occasion also helps artists to share their talents and experiences. It provides ample chances for young artists to exhibit their performances in front of a global community. Not only that, the AFRIFEST aims to educate people of all ages about the culture and artistic works of people belongs to different African countries


Video on the AFEIFEST 2015


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