Bears run after tourists at Yellowstone National Park

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Montana: A black bear and her three cubs surprised the tourists when they appeared on a bridge.
The frightened tourists started running away to save their life.
The tourists sightseeing the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks are reported to have run to save their life as the mother bear ran after one family.
All of them were struggled hard to get in to their respective cars. Fortunately, they were neither attacked nor injured by the animal. Last year the park had 3.5 million visitors.
Experts have pointed out that the Bear’s run is a perfect example regarding the dangers hiding in the Yellowstone National Park.
According to National Park Servicemen, the mama bear with cubs are always dangerous.
Jack Hanna, director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, said that the warm weather of spring used to bring out more tourists and more bears.
Hanna pointed out that the bears were forced to come outdoors especially during warm weather.
They would be more hungry and thirsty during this period.
Moreover the warm weather makes them to wake up from sleep often. This is their wandering time of the year.
According to wildlife experts, the best defense against a bear is to keep them at distance.
Yellowstone National Park regulations have asked visitors to stay at least 100 yards away from bears.


Video on bears running after tourists in Yellowstone National Park


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