Germany celebrates Melt festival

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Berlin: Melt is the enchanting German dance festival first organized in 1997. The colorful laser extravaganza together with music and dance arranges a memorable occasion which lasts for three days. With flickering sea of lights, pulsating beats and beaming faces, the City of Iron mesmerize viewers with pure musical euphoria. This dance festival is conducted at an uninhabited workplace referred by the name Ferropolis which is popularly known as the city of Iron. At this island city, numerous large machineries, cranes, excavators, iron tools etc. can still be seen in abandoned condition. Just as many other German festivals the party-area of Melt is surrounded by water. As this festival is commemorated in July, a refreshing dive in the water can be experienced in every now and then. The marvelous venue chosen for the Melt festival is located about 140km from Berlin. Besides the spectacular amazing location, the Melt festival also has an highly featured line-up. In 2015 artists like Sven Väth, Bonobo, David August, Chris Liebing and Pop princess Kylie Minogue are expected to perform here. Besides, there are

bands and even some alternative artists will present their stage shows at the Melt festival All in all while comparing German festivals with other such occasions, Melt might be a bit more expensive as it has one of the best line-ups.   Video on Melt Festival Germany 2015


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