Lions Park in Kozhikode

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Lions park in Kozhikode is the other too much attracted entertainment center located in the heart of the city. The park is highly specific and most exciting center to be visited in Kozhikode because it is featured with its own brand of exclusive charm.
It is a marvelous relaxation center in the city which lies along the Arabian sea coast. From the facilities available in the park it can be understood that the Lions Park in Kozhikode is meant for families who come with their children especially during evenings. Hence the calm and quite park appears to be a total amusement center irrespective of their ages.
The park is provided with thrilling rides, swinging facilities etc to attract kids as well as children. There are also entertainment facilities meant for the adults. As this amusement center is adjacent to the beach, visitors can always enjoy the benefit of cool breeze blowing from the sea.
Moreover, from the park it is very comfortable to view the sunset, the wonderful natural phenomenon occurring at the outer sea. The lighthouse, constructed to guide ships, is situated next to the Lions Park. Hence, those who come to spend their leisure hours at the park often find time to visit the towering lighthouse too.
This is a suitable location to enjoy some hours by forgetting the hectic schedules in human life. Thus, the Lions Park in Kozhikode is an ideal place for the whole family members to make the evenings of the holidays totally outstanding. Every day the park is opened to the public after 3.p.m. to 7 p.m enabling visitors to make the evenings ever memorable.


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