Mananchira Square in Kozhikode

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Mananchira Square is a calm and quite relaxing site located in the heart of the city. The spectacular airy area got its name from the beautiful pool called Mananchira situated at one side of the square. The large pool containing crystal clear water is protected by stone steps and said to have built by Manavedan Raja, one of the earlier Zamorins. It was from his name that the pond came to be known as Mananchira. The traditional architecture of the pond is very much similar to the excellent style prevalent in ancient Kerala. The one square kilometer open space near the pond is well maintained with lush green lawn. The whole area including the pond is encircled by laterite-sculptured wall having ancient styled pillows which are further beautified with fancy electric lanterns having traditional look. Near the pond and open space a park is being built where shady trees, dwarf palm trees, plants, shrubs, artificial hill and various sculptures are installed. The sports council office situated near the entrance of the open space conducts so many sports competitions at the separate play ground in the airy space. People with families and children used to come here for spending their evening leisure hours. They can view and enjoy those games free of cost. Especially during holidays, both the open space and park are found to be fully packed. This relaxing airy space located in the heart of the city is the center of attraction of people arriving here.


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