Men can experience the pain of childbirth

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China: A hospital in eastern China has developed a new technology which enable men to experience the pain suffering by women during childbirth.
This is following the new complaints registered by moms saying that they get little sympathy from their partners especially during pregnancy.
Free sessions regarding this treatment are being held twice a week at Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province.
It is said that about 100 men have signed-up to experience the pain suffering by women during childbirth.
Most of them are expectant dads. Some others registered for “taster sessions” are just for a thrill.
For reproducing the pain to men artificially, pads are attached to a device and placed above their abdomen. Then electric shock is passed to induce the pain.
This enable the test subjects to wriggle in agony for up to five minutes as a nurse gradually raises the intensity on a scale of one to ten.


Video on men experiencing childbirth pain


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