New Zealand celebrates the country’s 175 years

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Waitangi (New Zealand): New Zealand has celebrated their country’s 175 anniversary with gaiety and enthusiasm.
During this festive occasion, thousands of New Zealand natives were gathered to watch the performance of traditional Maori dancers in the country.
There were also dances with traditional canoes, or waka during this commemorable occasion. The entire colorful celebrations have made the picturesque Bay of Islands amazingly spectacular.
The New Zealand national day called Waitangi Day, was marked by protests, music, celebration and various reflections.
It commemorates the signing of New Zealand’s origination document, known as the Treaty of Waitangi.
The agreement between British royalty and Maori chiefs had given Britain the sovereignty over the fledgling nation.
Thus, each year, the scenic tiny town of Waitangi which locates in the far north of the country celebrates a popular festival at the venue where the treaty was signed about 175 years back.
Some groups perform traditional Maori dance, or kapa haka, while others paddle.
Festival goers are treated to the aroma of fried bread and barbecued seafood delicacies like mussel fritters.
Protests are the key unique feature of Waitangi Day.
However, no disruptions are reported during this year’s celebrations with protest performance.


Video on New Zealand’s 175th anniversary


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