Plastic Surgery tourism persuades Chinese people to visit South Korea

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Seol (South Korea): Cosmetic surgery treatments conducting in South Korea is said to have been attracting by the Chinese visitors.
A number of Chinese tourists show great interest to visit South Korea for enjoying the benefits of cosmetic surgery.
In the Gangnam district of South Korea the plastic surgery clinics are found in abundance.
These clinics are waiting opportunities from the Chinese visitors who like to travel overseas.
On the basis of this, the government of South Korea is promoting the country as a place to shop, eat, stay for the visitors.
Moreover, the South Korean government is setting aside as much as $4 million a year to help promote the medical tourism industry, which is seen dominated by plastic surgeons.
While plastic surgery is common in China, South Korean hospitals are considered to be safer and more hygienic.
Thus the country expects one million medical tourists a year by 2020 with Chinese travelers representing the largest segment.
In south Korea the tour operators offer travel packages which include shopping, sightseeing and plastic surgery.
In premier tour packages they include a stretch limo for the ride from the hotel to the clinic.
South Korea is now cultivating a tradition of cosmetic surgery.
A recent study by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery estimated that South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery when compared to any other countries in the world.


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