South Korea demands clear apology from North

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Seoul: canadian pharmacy President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye has said that cross-border propaganda broadcasts will continue until Pyongyang apologizes for land-mines that injured two South Korean soldiers.
North Korea has threatened to attack South if they didn’t sildenafil online stop the broadcasts, which has been mounting tensions on canada pharmacy test the Korean Peninsula.
However, high-level talks to resolve the issue have been continuing through a second night.
Military of both the countries are on alert after a brief exchange of fire at the border on the previous day.
North Korea has denied the accusation of the South regarding the land-mine blast which mutilated their soldiers earlier this month.
They were patrolling the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of the heavily fortified border.
They have also denied shelling pill viagra for the brain the South, which prompted their rival to return artillery fire against the South.
Meanwhile, the South demanded a clear apology and suitable measures to prevent a recurrence of these provocations and tense situations in future.
They have also threatened North to continue the loudspeaker propaganda and other appropriate steps if the North didn’t apologize for their fault.
South Korea has resumed cheap cialis the propaganda broadcasts along the DMZ earlier this month, after a gap of 11-years, following the land-mine attack.
The talks that began following the tensions, have suppressed heated expressive style of imminent war for the time being.
However, South Korea’s military has blamed North for getting ready for a fight, as they have been moving troops and submarines to the border.
The two Koreas still remain technically at war as the 1950-1953 conflict was ended in a cease-fire consensus and not based on a peace treaty.
Later, in 2004, South Korea and North Korea had reached an agreement to sildenafil online dismantle their loudspeakers propaganda at the border.
The broadcasts were considered to be part of a psychological warfare program which can be heard by North Korean soldiers and border-area residents.
That is why the broadcast is being provoked the North Korea.


Video on South’s demand for apology from North


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