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10 Simple and Tasty Food Swaps For Slimming Down


“Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind, change your body.” The quote has a lot of significance in this context. Was slimming down and eating a healthy diet, one of your new year resolutions? And did you turn over a new leaf? Atleast one in three people must have broken the resolution within one month of a “trial” run. But you need not worry about that because you have got company. However, have you given a thought on why it becomes so hard for us to stick on to our new diets?

Well, healthy food sounds boring and eating it, sounds even more boring, especially when it includes cutting down all our favourite foods. However, according to Dr Baker, who is an online doctor and also a health physician, suggested that we can make significant changes to the size of our waistlines by making slight changes to our everyday diet. All these begins with some smart food swaps. To be more precise, food swaps that can help to make a “new you” out of you.


Trying to slim down by incredibly by slashing down calories or by thoroughly improving the types of foods you eat will only tend to yield a “frustrated you”.  So, it always better to make changes that are quite manageable. However, we are here to help you out to improve your diet and reduce your weight without all those hullabaloos.


Food swapping is neither a ‘food style’ or an eating trend. You could rather consider it as a lifestyle choice.However, with this food swap, you can eat whatever you love and still lose weight. What more could you ask for? Here are the ten food swaps you can follow:



  1. Swap Crisps and Chocolate Bars for Health Snacks


3.-Swap-Breakfast-Cereals-for-Granola (1)It is a very busy world that we live in. We have no time for anything, even to cook for ourselves. Henceforth most of us rely on snacks for energy throughout the day. However, when it comes to healthy eating, it is a big “No” for crisps and chocolate bars.  You could swap these high-calorie sugar loaded snacks for unsalted nuts, berries, a vegetable smoothie or hummus with vegetable crudité. With this done, you can just sit, relax and watch your weight fall off.


  1. Swap Sugary Drinks for Water


Sugary-Drinks (1)Hydrating yourself is one of the important factors that you have to keep a watch on. When you have aerated drinks easily available in the market, water might seem a bit boring. However, it is the elixir of life and is much better for you than fizzy drinks which include up to 8 spoons of sugar per serving! If you observe the people who drink sugary drinks, you will be able to understand that losing weight is, even more, harder for them.


  1. Swap Mashed Potatoes for Mashed Cauliflower


Mashed-Potatoes-for-Mashed-Cauliflower (1)Anyone would want a waistline that they could be proud of. But, you will have to work on that by eating at least five portions of vegetables each day. One of the easiest ways to disguise veggies is by mashing them.  Therefore swap calorie-laden potato mash with milk and butter for a healthy cauliflower mash instead.  It tastes incredibly good with a dash of skimmed milk and a smack of black pepper.


  1. Swap Rump Steak for Fillet Steak


Rump-Steak (1)Fillet steak may be more costly than rump and sirloin, but it has much-limited fat.  You can save upto 125 calories by making this easy swap for your next meal. This is therefore considered to be one of the most efficient food swaps to help you lose weight.


  1. Swap Cheddar Cheese for Edam

Cheddar-Cheese (1)Lover of cheese, are you? If yes, then the thought of giving up of your favourite Cheddar would be a trepidation for you. But, you also have to know the fact that it is extremely high in fat, and will help you gain weight rather than reducing it, which you don’t want to happen. Why don’t you swap to Eden?? It melts just like Cheddar and tastes as good (well, almost as good) as Cheddar. The more interesting factor is that it has up to 7 percent more Calcium than Cheddar.


  1. Swap Fried Eggs for Boiled, Poached or Scrambled

fried-egg (1)Swapping fried eggs for poached, boiled, or scrambled (of course without adding milk and butter!) is yet another easy food swap that can make a huge difference in your diet. If you prefer eggs for breakfast, you can have a vegetable stuffed omelette rather than an egg sandwich. It can save up to 300 calories in a single meal.


  1. Swap Greek Yogurt for Natural Yogurt

Greek-Yogurt (1)This is a food swap that everyone can easily make, and you apparently would not even taste the difference. A simple swap that could save you a high 54 calories per serving.  Swap to natural yoghurt and lose your weight.


  1. Swap Breakfast Cereals for Granola

Breakfast-Cereals (1)In case you don’t know, the breakfast cereals you have daily, are packed with sugar and hidden calories. They may be convenient for you, however, regarding the calories, you better think twice before you have it. It is best to swap to natural non-sweetened granola. You could also spice it up with half a banana, fresh berries, and a few almonds to produce a nutritionally balanced breakfast that will hold you going, until lunch time.


  1. Swap White Bread for Wholegrain Bread

White-Bread (1)Almost all the diets will tell you to cut down bread from your diet. Although, if you relish a nice piece of toast for breakfast or a veggie stuffed sandwich at lunch, you can swap your regular white bread for multi-grain or whole wheat bread. It could save you up to 20 calories per slice.


  1. Swap Semi-Skimmed Milk for 1% or Skimmed Milk

Semi-Skimmed-Milk (1)If you want to take your diet to a whole new level, it is time for you ta take one step further by swapping semi-skimmed milk or full-fat milk to 1% milk or skimmed milk. It can save you 15 calories per glass. You can calculate how much it would be if you do it for like a week.


If you follow the list perfectly, then it wouldn’t take much time to see great results. And don’t forget to eat less sugar. You, people, are sweet enough already.