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Abene festival started in Senegal


Abene is a marvelous location where many African artists gather by the year end to welcome the new year.
Hence this can be referred as an annual music and dance festival.
The grand celebration highlights the cooperation of different communities living in the village.
This musical and dance fest starts at the end of December every year and lasts till the first week of January of the coming year.
The villages in Senegal have a number of famous master Artists who can perform Djembé, bougarabou and traditional native dancing marvelously to make viewers enjoy to its maximum.
The exciting sound of djembés can be heard regularly during the festival period throughout from the village.
This music and dance festival in Senegal is not only an exuberant affair but also a wonderful village feast.
Usually the festival starts on December 26th and lasts till January 2nd.
It is a highly spectacular and fascinating event where all kinds of native music and traditional dances are exhibited.
During day time visitors can view the traditional wrestling matches from the villages.
In the evening, during festival hours, villages in Abene appear to be very pleasant and enthusiastic.
People from all over Europe and Africa come to view this spectacular festival.


Video on Abene Festival in Senegal