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Ayurveda Yoga Villa in Wayanad


Ayurveda yoga villa is an important Ayurvedic retreat center in Wayanad. This is a unique place from where people can experience the goodness of Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga, Meditation and martial arts (Kalari) with respect to ancient Indian tradition. Ayurveda Yoga Villa in Wayanad is situated on the banks of River Kabani which is a popular naturally beautiful location. The evergreen forests encircling the area add luster to this treatment center. The peaceful atmosphere and tranquility prevailing here is really an outstanding experience to visitors. They can relax, rejuvenate and transform themselves by staying and enjoying the unique and qualitative retreat programs available from the Ayurveda Yoga Villa.
While returning home after undergoing treatments from this naturally blessed environments they can enjoy their life with a well nourished mind body and soul. The center is well equipped to provide Ayurvedic retreat programs with respect to the health-needs, time and budget of the people who seek wellness treatments from this center. The common treatment programs available from this health center are Panchakarma Dextoxification, Rasayana rejuvenation, Stress management, Weight control, Beauty and skin care, Yoga and meditation, Monsoon rejuvenation etc.
The contact address of this Health retreat center is as follows
Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Palvelichem, Bavali PO, Kartikulam, Wayanad district, Kerala,
South India, PIN :670646. Phone No. +91 81570 11347


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