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Ayuryoga Academy in Wayanad


Ayuryoga Academy is a holistic lifestyle center encircled by the evergreen forests in the Wayanad district of Kerala State. Thus, this retreat center is blessed by pleasant climatic and natural settings where people can experience the goodness of traditional Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques. Their aim is to establish an environment and culture that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, energy, and peaceful atmosphere.
At Ayuryoga academy, the retreat starts with a personal consultation with the Ayurveda physician in the center and then a personal program is designed for each patient consisting of mainly Ayurveda / Panchakarma treatments. The center has a featured program of integrating traditional Ayurvedic treatments with the practice of yoga based on classical principles in the light of modern health science specially designed for the wellbeing of western lifestyle and physique. The center incorporate various relaxation methods including yoga and meditation techniques so that people will have a vibratory experience through the power of incantations and Vedic rituals. Every weekend the center organizes a special outing to explore and experience the beauty of the evergreen nature in Wayanad.
The treatment that follows at this center is collectively called as Ayuryoga. Ayuryoga is an association of ayurveda and yoga principles as well as philosophies to form an individualized holistic wellness program in combination with nature. This treatment is offered in accordance with the traditional way of ancient Indian culture.
Hence Ayuryoga can be defined as a unique combination based on the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, incantations and vedic rituals to provide complete wellness to an individual. A holistic approach to human life provides wellness through physical, mental, and spiritual way of practice. The wellness of body and mind are interconnected in all ways. Ayuryoga is an art which generates the feel of re-birthing to an individual by correcting and framing into a healthy body and mind with a new life style.
It refers to the complete wellness and flowing collaboration of the body, mind, soul, and sense organs. This is called a perfect human life.
The contact address of Ayuryoga Academy is as follows
Ayuryoga Academy, Kolagappara, Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala. 673592
Ph: +919947271514, 09846208516, + 91 9539380095
E-mail :


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