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Boko Haram abducted children forget their own identities


Abuja: It is understood that about 80 children rescued from a Boko Haram camp in Cameroon are not remembering their own names or origins.
The exciting information was from an aid official who recently visited the released children.
Meanwhile, Christopher Fomunyoh, a director for the US-based National Democratic Institute (NDI) has revealed that the children aged between 5 and 18 were not able to speak English, French or any local languages.
These children were found at a camp in northern Cameroon during November last year.
This points out that the Nigeria-based Boko Haram terrorists have extended their campaign into Cameroon too.
The key intention of the militants is to establish an Islamic nurtured jurisdiction in north-eastern Nigeria. Several towns and villages in the region are currently under their control.
Recently, they have pledged loyalty to Islamic State (IS) militants, who have seized large areas in Iraq and Syria.
The children were rescued in Cameroon after security forces raided the location which was thought to have been a Koranic school.
Mr Fomunyoh told that he had visited an orphanage that was helping to rehabilitate the children.
He said that the children were spent a long duration with their captures, who had tried to brainwash them to Jihadist ideology.
According to him such attempts would have made them to forget the identities of their own.
Meanwhile, a suspected Boko Haram suicide bombing has killed at least six people at a marketplace in Maiduguri, a town in northern Nigeria.
The suicide bombing was reportedly carried out by a middle-aged woman.


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