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British airways flight returned back to London following foul smell from the toilet


London: A British Airways flight is reported to have forced to fly back to England following a foul smell from the toilet.
It is understood that the attempt of the cabin crew to avoid the problem was unsuccessful.
Then the flight was forced to return back when the bad odor became unbearable for passengers on board.
The British Airways flight which took off from the Heathrow international airport in London was destined to the international airport in Dubai.
The unfortunate incident was just 30 minutes after the commencement of the seven hour journey.
As the cabin-crew could not arrest the smell, the plane which was flying over Belgium at that time, then forced to fly back to London.
The smell was too suffocative as the passengers could not continue their flight in any way.
Since there were no technical problems with the plane, the passengers had to worry about nothing.
The reverse flight of the plane was absolutely under healthy and safety grounds.
A British Airways spokesperson told the matter to the sources and apologized for the discomfort happened to their customers.
The authorities provided the passengers with hotel accommodation and rescheduled the flight on an alternative aircraft.
But unfortunately, what was due to be a three-hour wait happened to be a 15 hour delay.


Video on British Airways flight which was forced to fly back to London