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Dog fallen in rock solid tar pit is rescued remarkably


India: A five month old dog is reported to have fallen unfortunately into a pool of thick tar.
Following the fall, the thick tar in the pool was completely smeared over the entire body of the dog.
The smeared rock solid tar on the body of the dog caused a total immovable situation to the animal.
The local charity Animal aid volunteers offered a memorable service by working for four hours over a period of two days to remove the solidified tar from the body of the ill-fated dog.
They repeatedly applied vegetable oil on the body of the animal and rubbed thoroughly to get the tar coat removed completely.
After messaging the oil continuously for two hours they succeeded in removing most of the tar coat existed over the body of the dog.
Then they bathed him with warm water and dish washing detergent.
The rescue of the dog from its ill-fated condition is highly appreciable.


Video on the rescue of the ill-fated dog