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Egyptians celebrate ‘Sham-El-Nessim’


Cairo: Egyptians celebrated their traditional spring festival called Sham El-Nessim on April 13th, 2015.
The meaning of the Arabic word ‘Sham-El-Nessim’ is smelling the breeze.
This festival celebrations is considered to be the commemoration of ancient customs existed in Egypt about 4500 years ago.
In this modern era also, the people of the country show great interest to celebrate it with utmost gaiety and enthusiasm.
The festival day is a national holiday in Egypt.
Nowadays, Egyptians celebrate the Sham El Nessim day with their families in open spaces or at their own houses.
They prefer to spend their time in parks and enjoy by visiting Zoos, Qanater gardens and other entertainment locations.
Food remains as a central aspect of the celebrations.
One of the key menus seen at the festival venues are dishes with onion and salted fishes.
Another notable custom that can be viewed during the festival is writing wishes on eggs.
They also conduct Egyptian cultural dances and music.
On the festival day, both Christians and Muslims come out to participate in the festivities, thus making the occasion one of the few major celebrations in Egypt that crosses religious lines.


Video on Sham El Nessim celebrations in Egypt 2015