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Europe and Russia plans combined moon mission


The space agencies from Russia and Europe have decided to send a lander to an unexplored area located at the south pole of moon.
It will be one of the series of missions arranged for taking men to the surface for enabling a permanent settlement.
The path-finding mission has been planning to land a robot probe on the unexplored region in the moon and expecting the European Space agency (ESA) approval by next year.
The intention of the spacecraft is to find out whether there is water or raw materials available to make fuel and oxygen.
It is said that at the lunar south polar region there are permanently dark sites that contain frozen water.
As per the exclusive details revealed, the mission, called Luna 27 is set for launch within a duration of five years.
The mission is one of a series led by the Russian federal space agency known as Ros-cosmos which undertakes the fresh plan to go back to the Moon.
The Russian-led mission which is in collaboration with the ESA, is one of a series targeted at eventually staking astronauts back to the moon.


Video on Russian-European combined space mission