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How to make your hair smell good all day


Beautiful shiny hair looks very attractive and improves the looks of a person. It is not enough for your hair to look good. Hair must also smell good. Foul smelling will only repel the other people around and create a bad impression. This embarrassing situation can make you feel bad. But it is not easy to get hair that looks and smells lovely at the same time. To make your hair smell good, you have to first know why it could smell bad. A regular hair wash is one of the best ways to keep foul smell at bay. Ordinarily, your hair has a unique smell that is neither bad nor good. But if hair is unwashed for many days, it may develop greasy odour. Sometimes, the hair becomes smelly due to fungal infection and excess sweat. Deposition of sweat in scalp causes emission of smell from the hair. You can use aromatic hair oils to combat this sweaty odour. Usually aromatic oils made from floral extracts make your hair smell good and also nourish it. So you are getting two benefits at the cost of one. Natural methods for making your hair smell good are always safe and effective. So try the following tips to fragrant hair.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar


Using a multitude of products on our hair – like serums, gels, sprays, and masks – leads to product build-up and grease on the hair scalp. All this sticky residue can leave the hair looking flat, dull and lifeless. One of the easiest ways to get rid of this accumulation and restore life to your locks is by using apple cider vinegar.After shampooing and rinsing your hair, mix the apple cider vinegar, water, and essential oil (optional). Leaning your head back, pour the rinse over your entire scalp, allowing mixture to run through your hair. Be careful to avoid contact with your eyes. Let mixture sit in hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

2. Baking Soda


This is one of the most used home remedies for smelly scalp since it helps to lower oiliness and neutralize the bad odours. Add water to baking soda. The amount of water should be three times more than the amount of baking soda. Mix well to make a paste. Wash hair and apply above prepared mixture for five minutes. After that, you can wash the hair. Do this remedy one time in seven days.

3. Lemon Juice


The natural citrus in a lemon can make your hair smell fabulous, clean and fresh all day! You can get rid of foul smell from the hair by using lemon juice. It will also promote shiny, smooth hair and fight off problems like scalp infections and dandruff. Be aware that lemon juice will lighten your hair with long time use.Take a cup of water and dilute juice squeezed from two lemons into it. After you’ve shampooed, work the mixture into your scalp and hair. Leave it for a few minutes before you rinse it and do this one to two times per week.If you have a fungal infection, mix the juice of one lemon with one cup of plain yogurt. Work this into your hair and leave it for thirty minutes and then rinse. Do this one time per week You may also combine the juice with an essential oil such as lavender or rosemary and leave it overnight on your hair. Do this two to three times per week.

4. Orange Peel


Orange juice checks the excess oil present in your hair and sloughs off dandruff. Besides, the peels of orange deodorize your hair.Fill a jar with orange peels and pour in apple cider vinegar. Store this in cupboard for 2 weeks. Thereafter, strain this infusion and store it in the refrigerator. Put two tablespoons of this liquid in a 12-16 ounce spray bottle containing water. Spray it on your hair after washing with a shampoo. Rinse it off after a few minutes.Alternatively, boil orange peel powder in water. Let it cool. Rinse your hair with this solution. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash.You can also apply orange juice or rub orange peels directly on your hair, and then rinse it out after five minutes.

5. Tomato


Tomatoes are natural pH balancers because of their acidity that act as cleansers and give you odour-free hair. Extract the juice of as many tomatoes as required, depending upon the length of your hair. Massage it all over your hair. Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes. Then wash with a mild shampoo. It can be applied twice a week.
Note – Tomato juice lightens your hair colour.

6. Vodka


Use vodka to clean your locks and get rid of smelly hair. It also stimulates hair growth and makes your hair soft and shiny. Mix one tbsp of vodka in a bottle of water. Spray this solution after shampooing your strands. Don’t rinse afterwards. Repeat this once in a week.Apart from these you can use essential oils like lavender oil, hibiscus oil, jasmine oil, tea tree oil. You can also use rose water, henna, tea leaves to get a fabulous smelling hair.