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Tourism is one of the major income sources in Indian economy. Now this industry is in its developmental stage. Hill stations in India are the center of attraction of tourists all over the world. These locations are blessed by nature with enchanting beauty and marvelous environmental conditions. Hill valleys with crystal clear watercourses and mesmerizing waterfalls enhance the attractiveness of these areas. Hence, it will be more challenging for tourists coming to India to decide which landscape hill stations are to be visited by them. Since India is a subcontinent the climatic conditions and other environmental factors prevailing at the hill stations in north India are different from that of southern sector. Hence tourists prefer to visit all such dissimilar natural locations and take pleasure from the amusement diversity available from these marvelous locations in India. They can fulfill such desires by choosing attractive travel entertainment packages meant for the visitors. This is the reason as to why the sightseers are planning to visit hill stations in south India also.

Since these tourist centers are located above sea level, the specialty existing there in climatic conditions are exclusively suitable for foreigners. Usually the temperature in these high locations is less than that of sea level regions. Thus the hill stations in India are blessed with lovely and pleasant weather conditions. As such, the global travelers prefer to visit these naturally charming locations in summer season. The hill stations in north India are located in very high altitudes compared to the same in the southern region. The tourist centers in the northern India are bitterly cold in all seasons except during summer. Those who love adventures prefer these locations very much. They can make their visit highly memorable by participating in trekking, skiing and skating.   Apart from this, the climatic and environmental conditions existing at the hill stations in south India are very exquisite. Children among the tourist groups will really enjoy the pleasing weather and enchanting environmental beauty prevailing at these locations. This is the reason behind the heavy rush in these regions during summer season.

As per the global tourism survey, the mostly visited vacation centers by the foreigners are hill stations in India. The tourists generally come to the ‘country of landscapes’ with their family members for relaxing from their hectic and busy life schedules. In India, the tour packages are comprised of a variety of entertainments with natural wellbeing therapy. Tourists can choose them according to their interests and taste. A journey in the mountain trains running at these hill stations will be a memorable experience. For this entertainment, they can either opt for hill stations in north India or for the same in the south with respect to their comfort and convenience. If they visited these locations once, they cannot forget the unique and marvelous tranquility prevailing there. So, they may not be able to ignore those memories and avoid coming again to these places during next season. This highlights the influence of these centers over the foreign tourists. In this context, hill stations in south India are considered as the best locations to be visited with family members including children.


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