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Jackie Chan’s son released after six months imprisonment


Beijing: Hollywood movie star Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan has been released after being jailed for six months for a drug offense.
He was punished in August last year following a police raid at his home in search of narcotics.
They had seized 100 gram of drug during the search operation and subjected him for a drug test which appeared positive for marijuana.
His arrest was in association with the strong measures adopted by the government to tackle the increased drug abuse in China.
His management company, Mstones, said in a statement that Mr. Chan was released recently.
The statement has also mentioned about his press conference to be held for convincing public through explanation and beg apology.
Jaycee Chan, the 32-year-old actor and singer, was arrested with Taiwanese cine star Kai Ko, who was also detained for two weeks for drug abuse.
But Chan was accused of providing a shelter to others for enabling the drug abuse. He later apologized for his guilt.
His father, action star Jackie Chan, is currently on a tour to Asia, in connection with the promotion of his new film ‘Dragon Blade’.
He reportedly expressed relief over his son’s release and said in a press conference at Singapore that he was looking forward to finish an album with his son as soon as he comes out after imprisonment.
Mr Chan was chosen as an anti-drug ambassador in China in the year 2009.
He had apologized the public for his son’s evil actions through his micro-blog account.
In that he told that he was very angry and felt ashamed on hearing the arrest news of his son.
The drug crackdown movement was following the legislative order put-forth by President Xi Jinping who authorized the police to use strong measures to bring a termination to the towering drug abuse in the country.


Video on the arrest of Jackie Chan’s son