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Newborn lamb weighs as much as a human toddler


United Kingdom: In North Wales a newly born lamb is found to be three times the size of a normal lamb.
This lamb is assumed to be the biggest ever born in the UK and weighs as much as a human toddler.
The super size lamb was delivered after the cesarean section on the mother sheep.
It is said that the mother sheep was taken to the labor room a week before at Ty Mawr Farm, in Denbigh, North Wales.
Owners of the sheep farmer Edmund Evans and his son Dafydd were not in a position to believe their eyes as the newborn lamb is almost three times the size of a normal newborn one.
The delivery of the mother sheep was about five days earlier than the normal date.
According to Dafydd Fon Ifan, the size of the lamb would be bigger than the present size, if the delivery of the mother sheep could have occurred on normal time.
He said that they had big lambs earlier but never seen a newborn lamb like this.
They have had a newborn which weighed eight kilos, but no sheep had delivered close to this one at 11 kilos.
The newborn lamb is thought to be the biggest lamb ever born in the UK.
The previous record holder was a lamb called Joan, born in Lancashire in 2013.
Its weight was two oz less than the weight of the present newborn one.
Before that the heaviest newborn lamb in Britain was a 21 lb male called Bruno, born in Worcestershire in 2009.
The family members of Edmund Evans are now thinking to send an application to Guinness World Records on behalf of the newly born big lamb.


Video on the super size newborn lamb