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Simple Facial To Try At Your Home


Dr Howard Murad quoted,”Healthy hydrated cells are key to ageless skin and healthy body”. This quote tells you the importance of maintaining your skin healthy and smooth. Have you ever treated yourself to a good facial? However, we live in an era where skin care is also given equal importance.
If you are to start with a good facial, you need to do the cleansing first.
A pleasant facial enhances your complexion, rejuvenates your skin and also increases your blood circulation. However, travelling up to a salon and then throwing your money over the facials and bleach that they give, is not the trick. Here we have included five-step procedure on how to do the facial easily, at home.


Cleansing (1)

Make sure all of your makeup has been taken off before you proceed with the facial.
What it does: Before you start with the application of scrub and packs, cleaning should be done. It is done so as to remove the dirt from your face. You can use a good facial cleanser which suits your face type. There are plenty of face cleansers available in the market.
Natural Cleansers: By cleansing, it means cleaning your face completely. If you are looking for a natural cleanser, you can either use rose water or milk. They could help you with this part.
How to: If you have cotton balls at home, you just have to dip the cotton ball in the cleanser and gently apply it on your face and wipe your face clean with it. If you do not have cotton balls, facial tissues would also be fine.
Tip: It is always best to avoid a creamy based cleanser for dry skin. Those who have oily skin type, they can use an oil-free cleanser.
For a vibrant twist, you can try using the oil cleansing process to wash your face. You can rub coconut oil, almond oil, olive or jojoba oil into your skin and then wipe it away using a towel which is soaked with warm water. Later on rinse your face and pat it dry.


Exfoliate (1)

What it does: Exfoliation, as the word implies itself, it helps in getting rid of the dead cells from your face.
Natural Exfoliators: You can mix sugar and oil, honey, lemon juice or yoghurt, as they help in exfoliating the skin.
How to: Buy a good quality scrub (if you are not using a natural scrub), and massage your face gently to remove the dead cells and close the large pores on your face. This also helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines on your face.
Tip: If you scrub your face regularly, it helps you stay young and glowing.
If you do not wish to use a scrub, there are other ways to scrub your face. You can also use an exfoliating cloth, a dry brush or even an application of an acid exfoliant namely glycolic acid. You can use any of the methods described above. However, do not use two techniques in combination. Your skin might get damaged if you over-exfoliate it.
Purchase a dry brush which is made of very fine fibers and intended for the face and not the body. Begin with a perfectly dry face and brush your face in a circular motion.
If you are using glycolic acid, leave it on your skin for atleast five minutes before rinsing it off.


Steaming (1)

What it does: When you steam your face, the pores on the face tends to open up thus cleansing the inside of your pores, removing the toxins out of it.
How to: In a vessel, take some water and bring it to boil. After removing it from the flame, you can cover your head with a towel, allowing the steam over your face. You may have to sit for a couple of minutes so that the pores on your face opens up completely and gets rid of the toxins. Be careful not to go too close to the vessel, else you might get scald.
Tip: You can also add fragrant oils to the water if you like a refreshing cleanse, Use a blackhead removing tool or whitehead removing tool to get rid of the heads from your face, if you have them.

Facial Mask

Facial Mask (1)

Tip: Every individual will have different skin types. Accordingly, you need to select your facial mask.
Natural Facial Masks: for those people who are having an Oily skin type, they can try a face pack with multani mitti or fullers earth. A creamy face pack can be used by those who have a dry skin type. They can also try a mixture of cucumber and aloe vera or even use a pack made from bananas, honey and yoghurt.
How to: You need to apply this face pack for atleast fifteen minutes and then wash off with cold water.


Moisturizing (1)

What it does: Your skin needs to be kept hydrated. Hence a good moisturiser is what it needs, Again, according to your skin type, choose a moisturiser and use it.
Tip: Don’t forget to use a sunscreen if you are planning to go out in the sun.