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Temple run is the recently launched android game which is very interesting. This can be played with the help of widely prevalent android devices like I-phone, I-pad etc. This is a good entertainer which invaded the minds of android game lovers. It is really amazing that the game has got warm welcome worldwide within a few days after its introduction on January 17th 2013.

The player can fully rely on the unique characteristic features of the game which are generally known as options. With respect to the exclusive specialties of such options the respective player can exhibit outstanding performance throughout in the game. Currently the renewed version of the game known as ‘Temple Run – 2’ is also available. In this, the game is presented with advanced play mechanics for making it attractive as well as sensational.

Regarding the game Temple Run, a man tries to escape after stealing an idol from a temple while an evil monkey chases. The person is running with an intention to escape from the monkey pinching on his heels.  On his way there are hurdles in the form of various walls. The runner has to jump over these walls during his forward movement. Certain times he may have to glide or skate for overcoming these obstacles. The success of the game depends on the ability of the player in tackling these hurdles. It is for this purpose that the participant has to utilize the options provided in the game. The ideal application of these options can make the runner jump over these obstacles properly. Game points are calculated as per the entire distance ran by the man.

While playing Temple Run, it is advised not to look at the characters of the game because it may disturb the concentration of the participant which ultimately results low scoring and the player may get bored easily. Hence, he must be very vigilant about the next possible obstacle. Good concentration will help to overcome these obstructions in fast paces and enable the player to carry on the game for a fairly long period. In the new version, the running lane is a blend of straight and curved paths with occasional dips and rises. The additionally incorporated barriers are too exciting and can be identified from distance. Moreover, the visuals of the second version are extremely superb when compared to the previous one. Thus, in these days, the android game Temple Run is absolutely challenging and fascinating.


Video on Temple Run Android