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The mount of Swami Ayyappan is Tiger


In most of the images, Swami Ayyappan can be seen sitting on a tiger by wearing a blue royal silk dhoti and holding bow and arrow in left and right hands respectively. Blue color usually represents volume or depth. The sky looks so beautiful because of its light blue color.
It is said that spirituality is the basis of ancient culture in India. The depth, volume and vastness of the same cannot be measured by any means. Here, the spirituality is represented by the blue colored dhoti. The ornaments worn by Swami Ayyappan is considered as the representation of materialism. By holding arrow in the right hand and bow in the left hand he reveals the concentration of mind and aim required to fulfill an intention. For sending one arrow towards proper destination mind power and concentration are inevitable.
The tiger in the image stands in place of the various emotions of a man. Tiger is a wild animal and it has no control on its own. Such a beast animal has been controlled by Swami Ayyappan and sat on it by making the animal as his mount. Likewise, Sabarimala devotees are advised to control their materialistic emotions and to mount on it. They are also advised to improve their mind-power and concentration with the support of spirituality and materialism. Thus they can fulfill their aims and intentions and thereby achieve the utmost goal in life.



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Video on Ayyappan riding a tiger