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Things to be known while wearing the holy garland


Sabarimala devotees have to wear a holy garland before the commencement of the 41 day penance. Before this holy ceremony the house and surroundings of the respective devotee should be kept clean. It will be more beneficial if ‘Panjagvyam’ is sprayed in and around the household during the cleaning process. Panjagavyam is a sacred liquid prepared from the five ejection products available from cows. The five products are cow’s urine, cow-dung, cow milk and byproducts of milk such as curd and ghee. These five constituents are to be mixed in different proportions to prepare the holy Panjagavyam. This unique product is being used to sanctify idols in temples.
It will be desirable to conduct the holy garland wearing ceremony either on Saturdays or Wednesdays. Team leader of the devotees can also choose an ideal day for tyeing the sacred garland. People undergoing unsuitable circumstances in their family surroundings are advised not to go to Sabarimala until the unfavorable time-frame is over. They can wear the garland and perform the 41 day penance after that.
During the garland wearing ceremony, it is ideal to wear the holy basil garland having 108 tiny balls (Rudrakshas). Garlands of sandalwood or red sandalwood are also used in certain occasions. The garland is to be sanctified with Panjagavya liquid and washed with Ganga water or holy water available from temples during the early hours of morning. After the routine morning rituals in the temple, the garland can be received either from the respective master devotee or temple priest. While wearing the garland certain lines from holy incantation which glorify lord Ayyappa are to be chanted. After the sacred ceremony devotees have to pay coin gifts to their team-leader and break coconuts by throwing the same on black stones which is generally considered as a very good omen.

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