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Things to be remembered by Sabarimala devotees while getting up early morning


Sleep is a physical phenomenon which is inevitable to all human beings. This ensures total rest to the body both internally and externally. During sleep human beings can return back to their genuine soul by parting from all external pressures and tensions in life. This is what the ancient distinguished people told about the sleep. Thus, the body acquires a state of total relaxation. After sound sleep, devotees can recover from the tiredness caused due to the hectic schedules of previous day and enable to get up before the Sunrise.
While getting up it is desirable for the devotees to turn right hand side and then get up. It is said that there are two magnetic networks which encircle human body. First one is from leg to head and vise-versa while the second one is from body’s left side to right side through front portion and right side to left side through back portion. This is the route of the magnetic networks which encircles human body. The movement of the magnetic networks with respect to the movement of the body actually strengthens the winding of the body. This procedure is said to be highly favorable to the body. Thus, getting up by turning right hand side will strengthens the winding of the magnetic fields. After getting up from the bed, sit there itself and chant incantations glorifying goddess Lakshmi by viewing the opened palms.
While sleeping, the body of human beings will be in a relaxing mode. When getting up suddenly, the heart struggles to pump the required quantity of blood to all parts of the body and at the same time experiences a massive shock which is unfavorable as far as the functioning of the heart is concerned. This is the reason why the pulsating of heart gets increased and becomes abnormal. While chanting incantations from the bed, the blood circulation inside the body becomes normal and thus the heart gets enough time to function as usual.

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