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Do you want your lips look Beautiful ???


Protect them. Invest in a good lip balm to protect your smile. Harsh weather; wind and cold temperatures, will dry out your lips and can leave them looking and feeling sore but you can protect them very easily and inexpensively with a balm.

Know if you have Allergies. Allergies may leave lips chapped and more vulnerable to the colder weather. If you think you may be suffering from an allergic reaction try to eliminate possible causes, which can include mouthwash, toothpaste, lipstick or gloss and even some sunblocks. Stop using any product that is causing you suspicion for two weeks until you get to the cause of any reactions.

Hydrate. Your lips will begin to feel tight and dry if you are dehydrated so drink plenty of fluids and consider a humidifier if you suspect that central heating is causing problems. Plants can also act like humidifiers – another great reason to enjoy plants around the home!

Invest in a good moisturiser for that is designed for use on the lips and apply it at night under your usual lip balm.

Exfoliation. Even you lips will benefit from occasional exfoliation. Models Direct recommend using a soft toothbrush with some Vaseline, in a circular motion, to help to remove dry skin once a week. Always follow with a moisturising product.

Pay attention to your Diet. Vitamin B deficiency can lead to cracked lips so make sure you’re getting enough from your diet. Include lots of milk, eggs, meat products, cheese, nuts, pulses, fish, bananas and whole grains to help boost your vitamin B levels.