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10 Things Mentally Tough People Don’t Do in Relationship


When you are in a relationship, you are bound to make silly mistakes and arguments over that. However, you learn a lot from all those things and when you look back you, will find difficulty in remembering what your mindset was, at that moment. You would even question yourself for behaving in such a manner. The sad truth is that we just aren’t trained how to be mentally strong and tough when faced with stressful situations in life. The good news is that it’s never too late to begin. Here we have described ten things that mentally strong people do not do when it comes to relationships.
1. They don’t analyse everything
Mentally strong people don’t interpret the meaning behind everything done by someone else. These people tend to take things as they see and as they hear rather than searching for the inner meanings of the gesture or words.

2. They don’t believe the other person will “complete” them
Mentally strong people do not believe in someone else “completing” them. But, they complete themselves before they search for someone else to improve their lives. They have a view that one should enjoy one’s company first and that no one else can replace that part of you.


3. They don’t bring up the past to defend the present
These people will not bring in the past, while in an argument, to win over it. They never bring the past and use it as a relationship collateral. On the other hand, they try to work toward developing the relationship at that moment. Mentally strong people try to live in the present by understanding that the past has its place though it will never solve today’s problems.

4. They don’t look outside the relationship to enhance the relationship
Those mentally tough people help dedicate their full attention to themselves and their partner when it comes to correcting problems in the relationship. They do not try to find another person so as to satisfy their needs. They don’t become different and justify their behaviour by looking outside of the relationship to feel better about themselves.


5. They don’t put the other person down to feel better about themselves
Mentally stable people know that you don’t treat other people the same way. They know that the only way to have a happy relationship is to support the other person rather than letting him/her down so as to temporarily feel satisfied with themselves.

6. They don’t stop communicating
Mentally tough people tend to talk with others not only during their good times but also in their bad times. They don’t ditch conversations that must be made. They try to understand their partner better, rather than avoiding topics that are embarrassing or uncomfortable. Mentally strong people tend to welcome opportunities to enhance the relationship.


7. They don’t stop loving themselves
These people tend to love them first and then the others. They try to improve their life first before the seek to help and support the rest. They know that by spreading love, it will only aid the relationship work.

8. They don’t believe they can change the other person
Mentally stable and healthy people help their partners in any way they can, and they also understand the fact that they cannot change the other person.These people live in the present and try to avoid thinking more about the future. They assure themselves that if only they put sufficient effort or time into someone that the person will change. Furthermore, mentally strong people try to know the other person’s perspective, before they try and offer advice.


9. They don’t seek to make relationships advance faster
People who are mentally tough believe that the relationship will develop in the correct way, even if there are numerous ways to improve it. They understand that they can’t force something that will take some time to develop. So, they tend to take up things slow and steady without rushing into it. They give up power and surrender to the normal progression of the relationship.

10. They don’t continue in unhealthy relationships
Those people who are mentally strong will know when a relationship is not working. They look out for themselves along with their partners by communicating clearly. They realise and accept the fact that they’ve put in as much effort and time as they could, but instead they would spend that time on someone who is appropriate for them.

When we become vulnerable, it will be a lot easier to find fault in someone else. Try to be mentally strong first and then search for someone who appreciated who you already are.To successfully develop any relationship, you no longer try to change the other person, but instead, you will try to improve a long and prosperous life together continually.