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A man having abnormal amounts of hair is called Wolf-man


Mexico: Jesús Aceves, referred to as Chuy by his family, has been suffering from a medical condition called congenital hypertrichosis.
This is an unfortunate health condition with abnormal amounts of hair all over his face and body.
He was born with this condition and has been troubled by such a state from his early age. During that time he was called ‘The Little Wolf.’
Jesús Aceves has dealt with this condition since he was a young lad and regularly teased by passers in the street
Now as an adult, he still has to deal with such daily harassment while he tries to go on with his daily life in Mexico.
The filmmaker Eva Aridjis who has taken a video of Jesus showed his anguish as he tried to manage the difficulty of living in a society.
During the footage he has visited a zoo where he saw animals having similarity with him.
Then he concluded by saying that they are alike, not only because of their fur, but because they are trapped.


Video on Wolf man