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Say Goodbye to Cold in 3 Hours!


Garlic Lovers??Anyone?? If you are a fan of garlic, then we have some great news for you. Recent research has proved that consuming raw garlic or even crushing it and adding fresh raw honey may actually aid in fighting in as small as three hours.

As per a small clinical trial, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, consuming garlic along with a meal led to the production of WBC. They gave the members a meal with around five grammes of crushed or raw garlic ( around two cloves, which will be equivalent to 5g). When they were observed, the researchers noted a significantly greater level of activity of those genes that were associated with the generation of immune-boosting WBC or White Blood Cells and also the cancer-fighting means. This was accumulated in the blood of the members, three hours after consuming garlic.


The researchers cannot tell for certain if garlic would start fighting an actual cold as fast as it stimulated the participants’ genes. However, the previous research has proven that there is something special about garlic when it comes to fighting colds.Another study which was conducted in 2012 observed that the members who consumed garlic supplement every day experienced greater activity in White Blood Cell. They also had less severe cold indications compared to those who took a placebo.Moreover, a study in the year 2001, found that individuals who supplemented with garlic were less prone to get cold and they recovered quicker if they did get infected.


How it Works
So, now we need to know what makes garlic excellent at fighting the common cold. As per the researchers, the nutrients in garlic may have something to do with it. Garlic contains minerals like Selenium, sulphur containing compounds, Vitamin C and also certain enzymes.If you want to try the raw garlic cure, then all you need to do is to crush or perhaps slice the garlic cloves and eat them, or you can also use them in a raw preparation like in salad dressing. When you crush a fresh garlic, it releases Allinase, which is an enzyme which helps in triggering the formations of allicin, a compound comprising of antibacterial properties.


Instead, if you want to cook with garlic, then you can chop it or crush it and then leave it to sit for around 10 minutes before heating. Heating preserves the health benefits of allicin. Last but not the least, supplementation is also found to be effective. Many experts recommend using an allicin powder extract, which has been standardised to include a consistent amount of allicin per pill.