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Want To Reduce Weight?? Hang Around With Thinner People


Most of the people want to improve their health and get in shape but have a challenging time maintaining a regimen that works for them. However, it is good news for those people out there, who are finding it really hard to cope up with their diet plans and exercises. According to journal Obesity, if you hang around with people who are thinner, then you are more likely to reduce weight.
There is a tendency for those individuals who are quite on the heavier side to hang around with those who have a heavier body mass, similar to their own. However, as per the study, they might have more success losing pounds by including slimmer people in their social networks.

Friends Matters:

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The researchers asked more than 9,000 adults with age between 18 to 65 about their weight objectives and their intimate friends. However, the researchers also said that their results are not meant to infer that people should ditch their current friends and colleagues nor are they asking us to make new ones considering the weight alone. As a matter of fact, they hope that their conclusions will inspire people to be more positive in themselves.

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During the study, participants were asked if they wanted to lose weight and to identify four adults with whom they spent their free time or perhaps interacted with the most via email, social media or phone. These participants were also asked to describe the physique of those four people in relation to their own. The next thing they did was to track how their body masses and social networks changed over the period of a year.


Matthew Andersson, Assistant Professor, Baylor University, Texas, says that the frequency of contact plays a significant role and that when the contact comes to around 100 interactions during a year, the changes that occurred to the weight were linked to a fraction of a pound. Whereas, when the frequency of contact increased, the weight difference became more distinct.

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Andersson, who carried out the research while at Yale University, says that there could be many theories so as to why weight loss seems to be “epidemic” within social networks. He opines that these mechanisms may involve shared eating habits, shared activity patterns, shared leisure or recreational activities. It could also be because of common expectations, norms or preferences that others may have for one’s conduct or looks.

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Otherwise, we could also say that it is easier for people to lose weight if they are spending time with somebody who views healthy eating or workout as a priority.Perhaps, it could be a personal trainer or even a friend who is health conscious. On the other hand, Andersson points out that there are lots of other forces at play. He emphasizes that friendship bonds to thin people are not the ‘be-all’ and ‘end-all’. He opines that people should take the time to identify that even an apparently personal goal like dropping weight actually has genuinely social determinants affecting its success.

Health Goals:

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Andersson supports everyone to cultivate links with a variety of people despite their body type and to pick on different individuals at different times in their lives to meet their own health goals. And he believes that, by inducing awareness about these possible influences on weight loss, his study can enable people to be more confident.
However, the researchers said that future investigations are needed to view into the reasons behind the conclusions.

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Researchers from Yale University, in 2014, found that people favored choosing friends who carried a same or perhaps related genetic profile to themselves, even in multicultural and diverse communities. Earlier research from Cornell University, where they had a heroine wear a fat costume in a restaurant, showing that everybody consumed more when they dined with someone who was obese or overweight compared to someone who was physically healthy and strong.