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Hero monkey saves dying friend at Indian railway station


Kanpur: A monkey at Kanpur train station in India is reported to have saved the life of another monkey who had fallen unconscious on the railway tracks.
It is assumed that the monkey would have electrocuted while walking on high tension wires passing over the railway tracks at the Kanpur’s railway station.
Immediately after the incident, one monkey tried for several minutes to bring back his injured friend who appeared dead to onlookers at the train station.
When its attempts were in vain, another, larger monkey stepped in to the scene and started rescue efforts to bring out the injured primate onto a metallic pipe.
It was really a moving scene to view several monkeys efforts for rescuing one of their own.
According to paramedics, the heart beating of a monkey would not have stopped and that’s why they could bring their primate back to life.
If a human is fallen by electric shock and injuries appeared to be serious or extensive, take him to hospital immediately. Never attempt to dip him in water.


Video on the rescue operations of the monkey