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Fancy dress to resemble Cadbury’s Christmas Chocolate treats


In Dublin, 12 lads are reported to have dressed up to resemble Christmas chocolate treats for a festive night out.
The result of this attempt is appeared to be very brilliant and secured great appreciation.
These 12 lads are Andrew Gough and his eleven mates from around Kilnamanagh, near Tallaght in south Dublin.
This has been considered as one of the best events ever seen.
These 12 lads were dressed up as a selection of chocolate-y treats ahead of a Christmas festive night out.
When they decided to dress for the Christmas festive night, they completed the event with a Christmas-style netting for the Cadbury’s treats.
The picture of their dress-code which put in facebook and twitter has been shared thousands of times by the weekend.


Video on the Cadbury’s Fancy Dress