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Incredible Underwater Sea Walking Destinations in India


Everyone who knows swimming will be excited to try ‘water adventures’. On the other hand, non-swimmers tend to miss out on skim over water sports because of their doubt. However, the underwater sea walking is something which is safe for even non-swimmers. This is one unique water adventure that most of them wish to try for. So, what is underwater sea walking? As the name implies itself, it is nothing but enjoying the views of marine life while walking on the seabed. How cool is that?This water adventure is unique because you don’t require any training nor do you need to learn swimming. It is entirely safe and can be tried by anybody who is not hydrophobic. Surprisingly, such an exciting and enjoyable sport is presently an emerging recreational activity in India. Hence you will be able to experience this only in few places. This article will tell you about those places which you need to visit so as to experience this underwater sea walking. Make sure that you prepare your next tour to these destinations, which is in India, so that you have something to get excited about.
How does Sea Walking work?


The underwater sea walking participants are provided with a helmet which resembles a space helmet. This helmet is connected to a particular apparatus which helps in breathing underwater. The members are taken in a boat to a particular spot. The guidance and some signs will be taught to apply under water. Then the members have to wear this helmet which is also attached to the boat. The guides will also accompany you through the underwater voyage, and hence non-swimmers need not take tension.The guides will be there to assist you in getting into the water and coming up. You will also be provided with life jackets as a safety measure. Lastly, the members along with the guides go into the water and touch the seabed. These guides will be there to assist you through the entire tour. Therefore, you could say that this is one of the ‘happening activities’ for the non-swimmers.
Sea Walking in India
In India, the sea walking first started at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These islands are a bliss to experience both underwater and on land. You will be able to see crystal white sandy shores, tempting blue beaches, active marine life, pristine surroundings and the coral reefs give an in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
North Bay Island


In the Andaman Islands, one of the best water adventure destination is the North Bay Island. Moreover, North Bay Island was the first one to spring up with underwater sea walking in India. The appealing beauty of North Bay Island not only serves as an ideal tourist spot but it is also the best water sports hub. It is now considered as one of the top underwater sea walking destinations located in India.
How to Reach North Bay Island
You will be able to reach the North Bay Island through a ferry ride from Port Blair. It will take around one hour to reach the island in a ferry. However, if you go in a speed boat, you will reach faster.
Elephant Beach
Elephant Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Havelock Island of Andaman. In the Elephant Beach, you will be able to find an array of water sports which you can explore. Among all the water sports, sea walking is one of the ‘must-try’ activities since Elephant beach is best known for its coral reefs too.
Baina Beach
Baina Beach Goa is one of the top watersports destinations in India, with its unending coastal line. Along with it is the sea walking, which is something everyone should try. However, it is only possible in Baina Beach which is near Vasco Da Gama in Goa. Even though Baina Beach is not a famous one, it is the unique place in the Indian mainland where you will be able to find sea walking.
Who all can try sea walking?


There is no age group as such for sea walking. And hence it can be experienced by individuals of any age group. But, it is restricted to those people who have asthma and also for heart patients. It is also not desirable for pregnant women.Underwater walking is just like viewing the underwater world. You will be able to see the colourful fishes moving around and perhaps catch a glimpse of unique marine plants. You might also be able to see the beautiful coral reefs. All these is a lifetime experience. Moreover, you will be able to do this without bothering about the safety. Fascinatingly, most of the agencies also video your adventure.You should also keep in mind that this underwater sea walking experience depends on the climatic conditions. Therefore, the agencies may cancel the activity before the climate changes.