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Mount Everest moved southwest during Nepal earthquake


Beijing: Some Chinese researchers have found that the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal

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recently has moved Mount Everest three centimeters (just over an inch) to the southwest. But, they have also confirmed that the height of the mount has not been altered
According to them, the 7.8-magnitude earthquake is being reversed the gradual northeasterly course of the world’s highest peak, which positions both Nepal and China. This data is as per the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo information. With respect to the research conducted, the height 8,848 meters of the peak is found remaining unchanged.
As per the Chinese media report Everest had moved 40 centimeters to the northeast over the past decade at a speed of four centimeters in a year, and risen three centimeters over the same period.
According to them, Nepal rests on a major fault line between two tectonic plates, one bearing India pushing northward into a plate carrying Europe and Asia at a rate of about two centimeters (three quarters of an inch) per year.
Roger Bilham, professor of geological science at the University of Colorado has agreed with the Chinese findings.
He has pointed out pharmacy refrigerator canada that the Everest region was a mere bystander which was slightly pulled a few centimeters south and a little bit down by this movement. According to him Kathmandu is also pushed slightly south.
According to Scientists buy viagra online the densely populated Kathmandu Valley which located around 80 kilometers (50 miles) southeast of the epicenter has been moved south by nearly two meters during the quake.
However, the government of Nepal has revealed that tadalafil 20 mg cialis they had not yet studied the impact on Everest, but that quake-affected areas had moved a little south.
More than 8,700 people were killed in that devastating quake which was followed by an aftershock a week later. Apart from quake there were also landslides which destroyed half a million homes, leaving thousands homeless.


Video on the Mount Everest