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Rare two-headed Cobra becomes the center of attraction in Chinese zoo


Beijing: A two headed Cobra which recently came as a new dweller of a zoo in Nanning city of China has been attracting a lot of visitors.
The poisonous reptile having extraordinary appearance was adopted by the zoo authorities.
Even though the Cobra with two heads has already survived 15 days, the zoo

people are in need of specialists to care it separately and keep it alive.
It has been found that the 20 cm long snake has two brains with only one digestive system.
As per the reports from Xinhua, the dual headed Cobra born on a snake farm was handed over to the zoo for caring it in a far better way.
The reptile which weighs only 50 grams, is found to be about 15 grams lighter than a normal cobra at the same stage of life.
Zoo keeper Li Keqi who has been caring snakes since 2007, said that he had never seen a two-headed snake till this time.
According to him, changes of temperature and humidity during incubation might be one of the factors that caused the mutation.
It has been noted that when one of its heads turns to the right, the other one moves to the left.
This kind of incongruousness is seen affecting the animal.
It was a week before that the snake shed its skin for the first time and refused to take food since then.
Zoo keepers are relying on artificial methods to feed and keep the animal alive.
But this method is found to be not sustainable.
The zoo authorities are now calling snake experts from around the world for their valuable advice.


Video on two headed cobra in Chinese zoo