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Terrifying actions along road by masked motor-bikers


Some masked motor-bikers are reported to have ridden dangerously along road in Birmingham. The overconfident bikers, who called themselves as “Reckless Riders”, were ridden through the City Center by pulling off wheels and taking over the roads. The shocking bike rides were appeared as if they were little regarded for the safety of others, while they were moving along the streets using both the lanes on the road. Nearly forty of the riders, and one quad biker, were seen contesting around the city, while they pulled off their aerobatics. However, it was clear that these bikers were purposefully trying to create obstacles to the traffic and just generally trying to frighten the other road users. Recently, the city has experienced a number of such threatening incidents from bike-riders, and police have promised to arrest anyone seen driving vehicles in a menacing manner.

Video on terrifying motor-bike ride