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Kangaroo dog wants to play like a regular pup


The 2-year-old pit bull mix was born with a rare birth defect, by which his front legs are about six inches shorter than what it should be actually. Even his paws are in deformed state which are bifurcated into a claw-like fashion. The issue makes him walk on his front legs awkwardly. The pit bull dog called Tigger spends more time than other most dogs for using his stronger back legs to carry out his requirements. But the playful dog is not ready to let his disability to slow him down. As he suffers pain in his legs, nowadays he prefers to walk increasingly shorter distances, and tends to stop and wait for someone to carry him up. Veterinarians fear that his shoulder might dislocate soon, as he as developed the signs of arthritis. Doctors are in a strenuous effort to save his life.

Video on the Tigger dog