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Deadly purpose of a Torpedo Owl may makes you laugh


Kokkola (Finland): cialis generic A staring owl was brilliantly photographed while flying with canadian pharmacy for levitra its wings amazingly positioned.
So it was levitra side effects headache exactly looking like a torpedo. It was intentionally staring at the camera while hunting for its prey.
The funny incident was in Kokkola buy levitra area in Finland. The images were photographed by Janni Yikangas, 39 year old Finnish photographer and have been published up by the social news site, Reddit. According to Janni, it was the official torpedo owl from Finland which was known for its threatening posture and lack of respect for gravity.
Famous northern hawk owls are Finland natives and considered as one of the few owl species which are only active during daylight hours. It was pictured in a stealthy pose while it was on its way for hunting.
To keep a low profile it had its wings brought down tightly to its levitra before or after meal body and had its eyes wide opened to maximize its chance of a confirmed kill.


Video on the Torpedo Owl