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One of the most venomous snakes in the world is being captured by a man in Indonesia


Vava’u, Tonga(Indonesia): A man’s search for the world’s most dangerous snake came to a sensational end when he succeeded to catch one such snake with mere a hook and his left hand.
Forrest Galante who captured the snake had been traveling around South Pacific and Indonesia with his girlfriend Jessica Evans in search of the region’s most beautiful and dangerous wildlife.
Mr Galante happened to see one such scary sea snakes while he was spearfishing for the couple’s dinner at a remote island in Vava’u, Tonga.
He soon encountered the banded Sea Krait, considered to be one of the most venomous one in the world.
The venom of the black and white banded snake is said to be ten times more stronger than that of a Cobra.
The poison of the snake has the ability to break down muscle fibers as well as red blood cells, clogs up the liver, then eventually causing acute liver failure.
The end of the effected person would be very painful and it could take two minutes to two days.
The Banded Sea Kraits are generally found in South-East Asia
It is really amazing and surprising to know the abundance of Banded big Sea Kraits in Indonesia.
These featured snakes hunt sea fishes as prey by hiding in the coral before attacking with a highly venomous bite to paralyze them.


Video on the capture of world’s most venomous snake