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Royal British army medical wing moves to Sierra Leone to combat against Ebola


United Kingdom: British Army medical wing has decided to move to Sierra Leone to take part in the fight against Ebola.
This is assumed to be in connection with the global leaders promise to cooperate with the international community’s efforts to combat the spreading of the killer disease.
The British medical team comprising of nurses, doctors and infectious disease consultants, will be joining the 40 soldiers already in the West African country who have been working at a UK-supported treatment center in the area.
In this Ebola treatment center, 12 out of the 92 beds are set aside for healthcare workers who may risk infection while treating others.
After speaking to US president Barrack Obama and leaders of Germany, France and Italy by video conference call, Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to lead the latest meeting of the Cobra contingencies committee of the Government in Whitehall to discuss the stand of United Kingdom regarding the matter.
UK has already started screening of air travelers at Heathrow airport following the Ebola spreading.
The British Army medics have had nine days of intensive training on how to treat victims of the dreadful virus while preserving their own safety and that of other healthcare staff in the team.
The base of the British medical wing will be at Kerry town which is about 30 miles away from Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone.


Video on the departure of Royal British Army medical wing