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Simple Ways To Reduce Your Cancer Risk


The pharmaceutical companies are the ones who get the advantage when each one gets diagnosed with cancer. They make tens and thousands of dollars off the diagnosis. They try to prolong your illness rather than give you a solution to it, and you can continue to spend your savings on their toxic cancer drugs. How to prevent Cancer? This is one topic (other than cure) which the medical industry does not want to discuss. However, the fact is that Cancer is preventable.
Over the past 100 years, the rate of cancer has increased significantly, and this could be due to our change in lifestyle choices and diets.
Fortunately, we can take this information and take steps to prevent Cancer.
Most of them must have gone through a lot of articles which describes the foods that fight cancer. In this, we will discuss six simple ways to prevent cancer.

1. Eliminate Processed Foods


Sugar and processed carbohydrates add fuel to cancer. They support cancer cells and substantially help them develop. Rejecting these foods guarantee you do not have a cancer-friendly environment waiting for the cancerous cells to come. Try to avoid processed sugar and foods and alternatively, you can have fruits (which contain natural sugar in it) as a supplement.

2. Exercise


As per the reports by Dr Mercola, exercise can improve cancer treatment outcomes and also reduce your risk of cancer. With the help of Yoga, you could improve your flexibility and balance. Other than that, you could also do some strength training or even go outside and walk in the sun. Exercising outside can be particularly useful.

3. Increase Vitamin D


Sunlight could tan you. However, half an hour workout in the sun could also help you in reducing the risk of cancer. When you are outside in the sun, exercising, you will already be ahead of the game, producing natural vitamin D for immune capacity and immediately decreasing your cancer risk. Do not disparage the relationship between vitamin D and reduced cancer risk.

4. Optimize Essential Fat Consumption


The latest western diet is loaded with omega-6 fats and is also deficient in omega-3s. Normalise your ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fats by lessening your consumption of omega-6 by restricting the use of processed or treated vegetable oils.

5. Minimize Radiation Exposure


Technology has advanced and so is the usage of Gadgets. If you would like to reduce your risk of radiation exposure, you simply have to reduce the usage of the phone. It is always better to use the speakerphone whenever you get a chance so that you do not have to hold the phone to your head. If you are a person who sleeps with your phone under your pillow, then you should stop this practice, since the chances of radiation exposure are high. Also, try to reduce your exposure to medical scans such as CT-scans and x-rays.

6. Sleep Plenty and Reduce Stress


Cancer grows in bodies that are unhealthy or imbalanced. You should have proper sleep and rest so that your body is stress-free and well-rested. Other than all these points, using any tobacco puts you on an impact course with cancer. Smoking has been associated with several kinds of cancer which include mouth, lung, throat, pancreas, larynx, kidney, bladder and cervix. Chewing tobacco has been connected to cancer of the pancreas and oral cavity. Exposure to secondhand smoke may also increase your risk of lung cancer, even if you do not use tobacco.
Henceforth, avoiding tobacco or choosing to stop using it is one of the most crucial health decisions that you make. If you need aid in quitting smoking, you could also ask your doctor about the ‘stop-smoking’ products and other tactics for stopping it.


It is best to have regular screenings and self-exams for several types of cancers such as colon, skin, breast and cervix which can improve your chances of detecting cancer at an early stage, wherein the treatment is most likely to be successful. You can also ask your doctor about the best cancer screening plan for you. Do not wait for a tomorrow and start on with your cancer prevention methods starting from today. The rewards will remain a lifetime.