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Swiss group wants to stop the traditional habit of using animals for food


Bern: An animal rights group has petitioned the Swiss government to ban the rare traditional habit of eating cats for dinner and turning dogs into sausages.
Tomi Tomek, president of the animal rights group SOS CHATS Noiraigue, which campaigned successfully last year to ban the sale of fur cats, said that 3 percent of the population still have the habit of eating cat and dog.
This is mainly found in the regions of Appenzell, Lucerne, Jura and Berne.
Dog meat is traditionally used to make sausages and a fatty remedy for rheumatism, while cat meat is generally served for Christmas dinner.
The activists handed a petition with 17,900 signatures calling for the consumption of family pets to be considered as illegal.
Since there’s no law against this practice currently, police can’t do anything against this brutal act.


Video on the consumption of cat and dog meat in Switzerland