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Things That You Didn’t Know About ‘KISSING’


Emotions are to be expressed. If you feel sad, cry it out. If you feel happy, laugh it out. Likewise, when affection and passion come together, Kissing is the way how we express it. It has been scientifically confirmed to give couples a greater emotional bonding than physical intimacy. There has even been evidence that people tend to remember their first kiss much more distinctly than their first sexual experience. There is a scientific word for the whole ball of wax, and that involves kissing too. Philematology is the term used for the study of kissing. The scientific name for French kissing is “cataglottism.”
When it comes to kissing, people do not think a lot about it, especially when it pleasures them. If you want to look for advice on kissing, there will be an abundance of information available out there. However, the reality of kissing is quite different, and it varies from person to person. William Jankowiak, professor of anthropology at the UNLV, opines that passionate kissing is more sensual and much more part of the increased desire than just a simple, everyday emotion. Nevertheless, there are certain things that you need to know about kissing, which is worth kenning.

Why We Kiss??

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Kissing could become a “weird” act if you keep thinking about it as dispassionately as possible. For example, considering “French Kiss”, which is one of the complex and intimate form of kissing, could seem like an act which does little but swap germs. Now the question arises on why do we do it? There is a prevailing theory that mouth to mouth touching, aids in transferring the information about the physical health of the partners. Giving it a theoretical approach, we can say that, our saliva contains all kinds of chemical information, and transferring this directly might help us assess each other and get to know if we are a good match for future. Kissing can also give off many hormones that help us bond with our partner and feel good. It creates a craving within us. Making us want more of it.

Kissing is Not Universal

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There was a study conducted on 168 cultures from around the world to evaluate how frequent romantic or sexual kissing is among humans, by Jankowiak and his colleagues. However, the results made them spellbound. They found romantic-sexual kiss only in 46 percent of the cultures. They also observed that it is likely to find intimate kissing in less complex cultures. Nevertheless, parent-child kissing was found in common almost everywhere. In total, we could also say that intimate kissing develops as and when the societies or communities become more complex. This also could be due to increased pleasure time.

Warmer Climate, Less Kissing

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Do you think the climate has a role in kissing? Yes, It does! Anthropologist Alice Schlegel found an extra pattern in kissing when she studied in detail about this using Jankowiak’s data. She found that the warmer the climate, there was less sign of romantic kissing. In colder climates, even people in simpler societies displayed some evidence of this act. Jankowiak believes that less attention may be given to the face and mouth during warmer climate since more skin is available because the options aren’t as limited. Research has also shown that women are more likely to consider kissing and dating men wearing this passionate colour.

Good Kissers Have More Sex

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Everyone wants their partners to be good kissers, and if you can become one, then it can make a difference in the relationship itself.
Research from the University of Oxford found that women put more emphasis on reported kissing prowess than men when choosing whether they desire to have sex with someone. When information of kissing technique was paired with a photo, the images seemed to impact whether women found a man handsome or wanted to continue getting to understand him. Still, pictures did not change the significant influence that indicated kissing quality had on the women’s choices about whether they would make love with a man or think about a long-term relationship with him.

Why Good Teeth, Breath, and Taste Matter

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Unlike men, women have some biological traits which they think make for a perfect kisser. Women were more likely to judge the kissing off chemical signals like taste and breath, according to a study of 1,041 college students published in Evolutionary Psychology in 2007. They also considered the appearance of their partner’s teeth.

Bad Kissing Can End A Relationship

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Can bad kissing end a relationship? According to a study made by University of Albany psychologist Gordon Gallup, it is proven that there are relationships that fall apart due to bad kissing. He surveyed 58 men and 122 women, by asking them the question “Have you ever found yourself drawn to someone, only to realise after kissing them for the first time, that you were no longer interested?”, for which, 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men “yes.” You could never completely say that this is due to the chemical exchange. The “technique” of kissing also plays an important role here.

For Women, Less is More

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The same study that revealed that women put a premium on oral appeal, also found that men are more likely to favour wetter kisses with tongue. So, if you want to pleasure your girl, you would probably start on “tight-lipped”, rather than jump into “extremities”. Some of the men said that the women, who wanted to improve, liked it when their companion initiated tongue movement and made moaning sounds.

Don’t Skip to Sex

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The study also noted another important “theory of women” which reveals that at least 85 percent of women preferred passionate kissing before they moved on to sex rather than taking things fast, However, in that survey 52 percent men said that they usually skip kissing and go straight to sex. Overall, women rated kissing as more significant than men, and the importance they gave it was consistent even as relationships continued.

Kissing is Key to Long-Term Relationships

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There was a paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior which makes us understand that kissing is meaningful to those of us whose cultures do it, whether it is innate to our species or not. Two surveys were conducted in this research. The first had 335 respondents and noticed that the longer people involved in post-sex desires, like cuddling and kissing, the more their sexual satisfaction. It also resulted in higher overall relationship content. The second survey had 101 respondents who reported regular post-sex affections and satisfaction. Researchers observed that the link between post-sex affection and both the relationship and sexual satisfaction included in these detailed reports. They also noticed that longer sessions of love during the research period foretold, higher satisfaction three months later.