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Young man moves across Victoria falls using ropes


Africa: Reinhard Kleindl, 34, had a dream to walk over the world’s biggest waterfall Victoria in Africa. Recently he could fulfill his lifelong dream miraculously
The Austrian and his German pal Lukas Irmler are the first to achieve the feat at the world’s biggest waterfall on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.
With the support of safety equipments, they had tried to cross over 91 meters along a rope suspended at 100 meters hight. During the attempt they were fallen several times.
Lukas, 26, who took three trials before making it across in 10 minutes, said that the most difficult thing about the line was the spraying of the waterfall.
They said that the line which got soaked after some time was slippery in nature and hence the feeling of completing the attempt was absolutely magical.


Video on the crossing over of Victoria falls