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10 month old Turkey baby rescued while floating out to sea


Kucukkuyo (Turkey): Turkish coast guard is reported to have rescued a 10 month old baby girl from sea, who had been on her inflatable flotation toy device.
The baby girl called Melda llgin was in an expansive baby bed which was swept about a kilometer away from the seashore near Ayvacik.
It is said that there were strong winds on the beach of the Aegean Sea, and the baby with her flotation device was moving towards the Greek island of Lesbos which locates about 15 miles away.
The parents of Melda Ilgin are said to have left the kid in the baby bed while they were concentrated in sunbath.
According to state-run Anadolu news agency, the parents of the baby girl were not aware of what had happened to their daughter until other sunbathers at the beach shouted on seeing the floating kid.
All of them reacted with horror as the yellow inflatable flotation device was carried further and further out to sea with the cute baby still sitting over it.
When the Turkish coast guard received information regarding this incident, they were rushed to the scene without wasting a moment.
A man from the coast guard squad then jumped from the rescue boat to carry her to safety.
Earlier, several people were attempted to swim out to save her, but were in vain.
By the time the coast guard arrived, she was moved about a half mile out to sea.
Fortunately, the coast guard could rescue the girl unharmed who was still sitting in the inflatable toy device.
By that time dozens of onlookers were gathered there, for watching the reunion of the baby girl with her parents. Her mother held her and offered her water, and then the family departed the beach with unforgettable memories.


Video on the 10 month old baby girl who was being rescued by the Turkish coast guard from sea