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Water heritage Museum in Kozhikode


The Water Heritage Museum in Kozhikode is at Kunnamangalam. This unique display center is an enterprise by the Center for Water Resources Development and Management (CWRDM)running by the government of Kerala. The museum having some fascinating displays stands with certain interesting differences. Inside the exhibition hall there are marvelous pictures and spectacular statues. Artists have used their imagination and creativity to exhibit fashion through a variety of materials including clay, plastic, plaster of Paris, wax, hay and waste materials. The water history of Kerala from the past to the present is presented with marvelous paintings, pictures and clay models by extensively covering the traditional and the modern art. The main intention of this Water Heritage Museum is to educate the average

men on the exceeding importance of water. The museum provides some awareness about water heritage of Kerala and suggest certain important measures to be taken to conserve the precious natural resource. Visitors can see diverse water management techniques adopted by farmers across Kerala, including in the coastal lands. Other attractions are models of major hydroelectric projects by which electricity is generated and hoary watershed management practices, besides conventional water-lifting devices. The contributions of the Nila River to the inheritance of Kerala have been vivaciously demonstrated at the Water Heritage Museum. There is an amphitheater here for screening films and holding presentations related to the subject of water management. The entrance of the museum also represents the ancient culture and tradition of Kerala. At the entrance there is a multipurpose mansion seen in houses belonging to ancient aristocratic families of Kerala. The unique relationship between water and the God’s own land is further detailed by depicting the lifestyle and activities of people in the waterlogged regions of the state. Similarly geographical specialties, where water has some key roles in shaping up the lives of people, such as the backwaters and wetlands in the state have presented in such a way to bring the attention of visitors coming to the Water Heritage Museum at Kunnamangalam. Thus the water heritage museum in Kozhikode will surely provide its visitors some valuable and interesting facts about water. Visiting hours:10.30 – 16.00 hrs. Closed on Sundays, second Saturdays and public holidays. Admission is free. Museum Phone: +91 495 2351867/868/800   Video on a Water Museum in UK